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Emmanuel Pinto Moreira

Director, Economic Department, African Development Bank

Emmanuel Pinto Moreira, Director, Economic Department, African Development Bank Beninese nationality, Pinto Moreira is an innovative and pragmatic economist, who is fully dedicated to analytical work and reflection on policies. He has twenty years of experience in the areas of growth, the fight against poverty, macro-fiscal frameworks, economic governance, trade, competitiveness and the financial sector, in developing countries. low- and middle-income from North Africa and the Middle East, East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Pinto Moreira is currently Senior Economist for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region at the World Bank Group. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading the policy dialogue with the authorities of the Maghreb countries regarding the design of policy documents and providing strategic advice on the main economic challenges facing these countries. He also leads the preparation of the Macro-Poverty Outlook for 18 countries and the Macro-Financial Review for the MENA region and coordinates the knowledge program on the MENA region. As Team Leader of the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management (MFM) Global Practice, Dr. Pinto Moreira is responsible for designing the work program of this department, ensuring that MFM products have an impact on development. Prior to joining the World Bank Group, Dr. Pinto Moreira worked at the International Monetary Fund as Senior Fiscal Economist in the Middle East and Central Asia Department, and as Senior Adviser to the Administrator for the 24 French-speaking African countries. Professor of economics, Mr. Moreira has taught macroeconomics, statistics, econometrics and microeconomics at the universities of Nancy and Metz (France). He is the author of numerous research articles and various publications. His most recent research work includes several World Bank studies. Mr. Pinto Moreira holds a doctorate and a Master's degree in macroeconomics from the University of Lorraine (France). Commenting on this appointment, the President of the African Development Bank, Dr. Akinwumi A. Adesina, said: “Emmanuel Pinto Moreira is an accomplished international economist who brings extensive experience from the World Bank Group, international currency, and in academia. The African Development Bank Group will greatly benefit from his excellent policy, research and analytical skills, his in-depth knowledge of the economic issues facing the African continent and his language skills in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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