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Ahtesham R. Khan

Head of Tax for SDGs and Manager, Tax Inspectors Without Borders, UNDP

Ahtesham R. Khan, Head of Tax for SDGs and Manager, Tax Inspectors Without Borders, UNDP Ahtesham R. Khan is at the Head of Tax for SDGs at the Sustainable Finance Hub, UNDP, New York. He also manages the Tax Inspectors Without Borders Initiative from the UNDP side. Ahtesham has extensive experience in fiscal policies, tax administration and domestic resource mobilization, and has managed complex taxation and development projects with national governments and international organizations for many years. As Officer on Special Duty in the Ministry of Finance, Government of India he worked on BEPS negotiations and tax arbitration cases. Ahtesham was Deputy Director of the Indian Tax Administration whereby he investigated illicit financial flows and cross border tax evasion. As Assistant Commissioner, he conducted tax audits and dealt with complex issues related to tax laws. He has also worked on the Local Currency Bond Markets project of the World Bank and the United Nations Handbook on Taxation of the Extractive Industries published by the Financing for Sustainable Development office, UN-DESA. At UNDP, he leads the work of Sustainable Finance Hub on tax and fiscal policies to assist countries build taxation capacity, tackle illicit financial flows and achieve fiscal policy coherence to raise domestic resources, attain sustainable growth and establish equitable societies. Ahtesham has done Electrical Engineering in under-graduation and has dual Masters - Masters in Taxation and Business Laws from NALSAR University, India and Masters in Public Administration with specialization in Advanced Policy and Economic Analysis from SIPA, Columbia University, New York. He is recipient of the prestigious JJ/World Bank Scholarship.

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Amphi A2

Parallel Session | Panel 1.3

Data, tax policy-making and the SDGs (UNDP) (EN)

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Tax systems, Inclusion and Inequality in developing countries (with support from the Hewlett Foundation) (EN/FR)