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Resource Mobilization: Tax Revenues and their effective use in developing countries

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought devastating socioeconomic consequences to our society. In addition to COVID-19, developing countries are facing many challenges, such as natural disasters, conflicts, and energy and food crises. To address these challenges and realize an inclusive and resilient society, we need to share our knowledge of solutions and our methods of sustainable development planning, and ensure the effective mobilization/utilization of various resources, including taxes, in both urban and rural areas. In this session, we will discuss how the effective use of tax revenues can contribute to sustainable urban and rural development, based on the following presentations:
1) “Tax System and Urban Development” by Tomoyoshi SUZUKI (Research Fellow, JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development (JICA Ogata Research Institute)). The presenter will share the results of his research on the spillover effects of urban transportation infrastructure;
2) “Tax System and Urban Development” by Erik Vergel-Tovar (Assistant Professor, Universidad de los Andes). The presenter will introduce a case study of Colombia as an example of how property tax and other tax revenues can be returned to fund public transportation development;
3) “Does the Tax System Contribute to Rural Sustainability?” by Ray ASADA (Research Fellow, JICA Ogata Research Institute). The presenter will introduce a case study of Sri Lanka, where government subsidies have contributed to sustainable rural development.
Akio TAKAHARA (Executive Director, JICA Ogata Research Institute) will facilitate the discussion.